2017 Junior Lifeguard

June 5th – July 21st


General Information

This course will familiarize participants with ocean safety and beach rescue skills.  Topics include an introduction to water safety, first aid, CPR and surf rescue techniques with an emphasis on beach and ocean awareness.


Open to male and female applicants ages 12-17.  Applicants must have swimming skills and be able to swim for 100 yards continuously with 100% effort.  This is NOT a learn-to-swim program.  Qualifying swims will be held on the first day.

Registration Information

This program is FREE to all registered participants.  Limit of 45 students per session.  Programs will be held at 4 locations: Ehukai, Makaha, Ala Moana and Kalama Beach.  Each location will have 6 session that last 5 days from 9am - 2pm.